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Trade-Ideas. com is among the most popular standalone scanners on the marketplace. For a full Trade Ideas review read on.

Trade-Ideas.com is a professional stock scanner that can help investors beat the market. Its AI-based trading system can identify hidden trading opportunities and outperform the market. Their platform also features numerous integrated scans that allow users to find exceptional trading opportunities.

The Trade Ideas Pro platform is ideal for anyone who is looking for a comprehensive pipeline of ideas throughout the day. It can be used to develop their own strategies or create hybrid variations that combine different techniques.

The Trade Ideas platform has evolved through the years, and it is easier to use now. This is because it features an AI-based trading system that can identify hidden trading opportunities and outperform the market. However, it is also available for one-on-one training sessions.

There are also a variety of videos and tutorials that can help investors learn how to use the platform. Its stock scanning software can be accessed through a web browser.

Finest Stock Trading Scanner

When I’m searching for a scanner I think of the setup I’m searching for. When it comes to a bull flag I’ll be searching for a stock that made a 5% go up in the last 60 minutes and has actually been combining in a 1% variety in the last 15-minutes. I then continue to include some more filters to scan for stocks just priced in between $3.00 and $20.00.

When you login to Trade Ideas you can pick from a handful of pre-configured scanning settings. These consist of bearish, bullish, and neutral scanning alternatives. As a trainee of our Trading Courses you take advantage of downloading our set of exclusive scanner settings that we have actually established during a number of years.

This method needs discovering quickly moving stocks and taking trades on the very first or 2nd pullbacks. These pullbacks typically take the kind of bull flags or flat leading breakouts. As a teacher it’s simple for me to teach trading methods and inform trainees what great charts appear like. The reality is, it’s simple to reflect on a chart and discover a pattern. The difficult part, however the most crucial component for effective trading, is discovering patterns in real-time. This is why traders require the very best tools.

In addition I can include filters to just scan for stocks with a market cap of less than $500m, or an exceptional float of under 40m shares, or a ratio of brief interest of a minimum of 10%. There is actually a limitless mix of scanner settings.

There is just no contrast in between other items. When I initially registered to Trade Ideas I believed the rate was high for a piece of software application that just offers scanning. Exactly what I didn’t understand was how basic scanning is for every single trader.

Trade-Ideas Background

Formed in 2002, Trade-Ideas has actually developed from simply a market scanner into a full-fledged concept generation platform, serving over 50,000 traders in over 19 nations keeping an eye on the United States and Canadian equity markets. The platform incorporates expert system innovation to determine what operate in the existing markets to produce concepts that best fit predictive results. They have a live neighborhood chat room with mediators and a busy neighborhood of active traders. Co-founder Dan Mirkin is an active trader who routinely posts trades on Twitter and is entirely in touch with the requirements of traders. Unlike a great deal of other scanners that bind enormous resources scanning on the user’s computer system, TI deals with all the processing at their information centers and presses the filtered stock concepts to the end-user. This is an effective and structured design that leads to quicker and more precise scans. Attempt crunching over 6,000 stocks on your desktop and see how quick it works if you do not think me.

Top List Windows

The Top List is a list of market data that is updated every 30 seconds. It features windows that utilize our patent pending multi-variant sorting.

Artificial Intelligence

A.I.’s automated market-focused financial advisor uses several dozen investment algorithms to generate alpha. It takes into account over a million trading scenarios to arrive at a subset of its model that has the best probability of achieving alpha in the next market session.

Brokerage Plus

Build trading strategies and identify trading opportunities with our tools. We’ll automate your tasks and send them directly to your Interactive Brokers account.

Simulated Trading

Our Trade Ideas Simulated Trading tool combines the power of AI and ideas generation to maximize your advantage. It’s designed to give investors the necessary feedback to identify areas of improvement.

OddsMaker Window

The Trade Ideas tool is designed to continuously monitor the market and identify areas of improvement. Through its Event Based backtesting, we can analyze the past performance of our strategies and identify areas of potential improvement.

Holly AI Artificial Intelligence Trading Tool

The AI-based Trade Ideas tool, known as Holly, will provide suggested entry signals that are statistically-weighted. It will also suggest exit signals that are based on different risk management techniques. While these are typically for intraday trading, many of Holly’s entries go on to be successfull multi-day holds.

The Trade Ideas tool features full stock quote windows that allow you to see all of the fundamental data that’s relevant to a stock’s price. They also display key visual indicators that show where the stock is in its range.

Channel Bar

The Trade Ideas tool features a variety of pre-designed layouts that are categorized by channel themes. These include Premarket, After Hours, Social, Volume, and Crypto. You can also save these as personal channels.

Compare Count Window

The Trade Ideas tool’s Compare Count Windows feature allows you to compare the performance of two different strategies. It will also display updates showing which strategy is performing better.

Real-Time Stock Racing

The Trade Ideas tool’s Real-Time Stock Racing feature is a unique approach to analyzing the market. It will allow you to visualize the changes in the market as it happens.

Innovation Like No Other

Trade Ideas is the fastest-growing FinTech company. With its newest creation, the Trade Ideas Stock Racing feature, you can now visualize the stock market in a new way. It will allow you to create a list of any stock to race, and apply the filter criteria and the race duration.


The Trade Ideas tool also features a single stock window that’s designed to provide you with the most relevant news.

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