Is Bear Bull Traders a Good Trading Community?

When Bear Bull Traders was known as Vancouver Traders back in 2016, the very first time I heard of Andrew Aziz was. At that time, I joined their day trading group and it was a really friendly and welcoming neighborhood, just as it still is today. If Andew Aziz is a scammer, then he’s somehow able to do it while trading reside in a chat room loaded with individuals, since I’ve seen him trade live, examining his charts to mine, and he makes actually excellent money in the stock market almost every day.

In fact, I was so pleased by this trading room that I became a life time member. Bear Bull Traders is very neighborhood oriented, with numerous webinars and courses, a chatroom, and a great deal of resources for new along with knowledgeable traders. Their primary focus is on day trading stocks, focusing primarily on the first couple of hours of the trading day. Nevertheless, they likewise have other mediators that stay on for trading throughout the day, as well as trade reviews that are truly handy. If you’re curious already, you can have a look at the Bear Bull Traders site here.

Andrew Aziz: BearBullTraders Review

He has composed two day trading books, which despite mostly really highly ranked reviews, some individuals have actually offered really low scores. Most significantly, it is written by somebody who day trades for a living, and you can enjoy him trading live in the Bear Bull Traders chat room every day.

Bear Bull Traders Trading Room

Here’s another look at the Bear Bull Traders trading chatroom on a various day:

Just like a great deal of book authors and web personalities, Andrew Aziz is not his real name. I’ve seen some evaluations that attempt to make a big deal out of that, but I do not see the point. I’m not ready to dox him either. It’s not unusual to protect your identity on the internet, since it can be a really unfriendly location, and not everyone respects other people’s privacy, or the privacy of their member of the family. Frankly, I don’t care what his name or any Bear Bull Traders chatroom moderator’s genuine names are as long as they help me trade better, which they certainly do, every day.

Bearbulltraders Review: Community
BearBullTraders Review: What They Offer
Daily Trade Reviews

Andew Aziz has exceptional trading money management strategies. He recommends risking only 2% or less of your capital per trade. To describe that a bit much better, what it suggests is that you never ever risk more than 2% of your capital. Stop loss levels are really tight, but in most cases “mental stops”, not hard stops. The neighborhood is very concentrated on getting out of trades the minute it looks like it will not work out, instead of holding onto a losing trade. The objective of Bearbulltraders is to guarantee that new traders make it through, not simply be greedy and attempt to make a great deal of cash right from the start.

Bearbulltraders evaluates the mental requirements of their traders, specifically during demanding times such as these and tailor-make presentations to assist you establish your trading edge. I have actually even seen one of the psychologists remark throughout a live trading sessions that a specific trader should take care to not over-trade, based upon the remarks they made.

Routine Meetups

Andrew founded Bear Bull Traders to create a community of traders who are excited to discover all they can about day trading. Andrew Aziz’s day trading method is not made complex.

A group of knowledgeable coaches are readily available in the chat room throughout the day with a range of various trading styles to help you throughout your trading day.

Bear Bull Traders provide trading academic courses for each level of trader. From ideas for novices, such as broker selection, to trading platform training and sophisticated strategies that they really utilize in their trading chatroom every day.
Weekly Trading Webinars

It doesn’t matter what your trading design is, whether you prefer very fast paced trading, or you’re a trader that chooses slower longer term trades, or nevertheless you trade, you will fellow traders at Bearbulltraders. Evaluation their trading course outline below to see what they offer:
BearBullTraders Review: Trading Course Outline/Syllabus

Among the main techniques used not just by Andrew Aziz, but also the other Bearbulltraders neighborhood members is to purchase support levels and offer as high as possible before the next resistance level. It’s easy, isn’t it?

BBT often invites market veterans to the community to supply their insights and point of views. With current webinars covering topics such as “Finding your psychological edge”, “Recovering from a series of losses”, “Green trader tax” and “Trading a single method”, that all assist you to trade better.
Full-time High Performance Psychologists

I’ve discovered this to be really powerful. Every day among the moderators from BearBullTraders reviews trades and supplies technical analysis and recommendations on trades other members took. This is a really effective method to enhance your strategies, indicators and general trading.
Trading courses

Aziz lives by the motto “keep it easy silly”. Andrew typically relies on easy lines of assistance and resistance and price action.

Service Plan: How to Setup your Trading Business Properly
Correct Education: Trading in a Real Time Simulator
Discovering the Proper Stocks in Play and Combat Algorithms and high Frequency Traders
Finding the Proper Support and Resistance Levels and Game Plan for Trading
Understanding Price Action: Balance of Power Between Buyers and Sellers
Comprehending Nasdaq Level 2, VWAP, Moving Averages for Day Trading
Knowing Important Day Trading Strategies
Momentum Trading: Opening Range, Flag and ABCD Pattern Breakouts, VWAP Reversal
Trend Trading: Extreme Reversals, VWAP False Breakouts, All Day Holds
Trade Management: Entry, Exit, Partial Profit Taking, Stop Loss
Threat and Account Management
Psychology, Mindfulness, Leadership and Self-Discipline

Bear Bull Traders host authorities and member-managed meetups all over the world. Meetups are open to all that are interested and does not require you to be a member.

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