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What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

Criminal defense attorneys that handle criminal defense DUI cases are attorneys who specialize in helping those who have been charged with a criminal offense, they deal with Misdemeanors, Felonies and Federal crimes. A crime may be considered any violation of federal and/or state laws. This includes driving while intoxicated, and driving under the influence (DUI). Some of these attorneys are privately employed while others are appointed by the courts if you can’t afford an attorney.

Each state has its own specific rules and regulations for hiring criminal defense attorneys for DUI cases. Some will rotate the state-appointed attorneys so that every attorney in the field takes their turn in the rotation. This helps to keep the burden from falling on the same attorney each and every time.

Avoid the Criminal Defense DUI Roulette Rotation

That roulette rotation process also means that you are basically gambling with how well your criminal defense DUI case will be handled by the random attorney appointed to you. The role of such an attorney is to defend the client regardless of whether they are guilty or not. If the client is guilty, the role of the attorney is to help the client choose whether or not to plead guilty, or not guilty, and to negotiate the best possible outcome on the client’s behalf for a lighter sentence.

Of course, this potentially lighter sentence will be dependent upon how good your lawyer is and whether or not the client has previously been charged with the offense of driving under the influence. There are many factors that will influence this and the resulting sentence. It also depends on how good the criminal defense attorney is with DUI cases.

Much of the attorney’s work is to understand the letter of the law and how the client has broken it. Their job is to help defend the client to their best ability. If they can’t get the client off of the charges, their job is to help get the lowest possible sentence for the charges that have been filed against you.

As the attorney prepares for the criminal defense DUI case, he or she will be heavily involved in every aspect of preventing the case from going to trial. This can be done by plea bargains or other means. The skill of your attorney will play a big part in this process. If the case goes to trial, then the attorney’s job is to defend their client and help make plea agreements that will reduce sentencing as much as possible.

Speak to a Criminal Defense Attorney Before You Go to Court

If you’ve been cited with a DUI ticket recently, you may wish to consult with a Criminal Defense attorney before you go to court. If you don’t do that now before the court date, you may get some random attorney assigned to you. Your attorney can help you to decide on the right plea and guide decisions in court. If you’ve never before been to court before you might not know that having your own criminal defense attorney for DUI can actually save you money. A criminal defense DUI attorney can protect you from hefty fines, more than that, they can possibly even prevent or lessen your jail time.

Attorneys are very familiar with the court scene and will have the ability to help you navigate the courtroom, as well as choose the right plea. It’s vital to understand what is going on and make the right decisions. Your criminal defense attorney may tell you to not say a word in the courtroom unless you are asked a direct question. This is to keep you from making any mistakes, and saying something that may be used against you in the court proceedings.

There are many benefits to hiring your own criminal defense DUI attorney. If you’ve never been to court before, you’ll want their expertise and advice. If you’ve been to court before on similar charges, you’ll probably need a good lawyer even more because you already appreciate that they can help to reduce your sentence or charges.

Don’t Plead Guilty Before You Have Spoken to Your Attorney

Before a law official convinces you to plead guilty, be sure that you speak with your criminal defense attorney and find out what this may entail. Is this your first case of DUI? There may be some specific ways that you can deal with this charge and in some cases, you can even get it deferred as long as you’re participating in a special program. Your criminal defense attorney or DUI specialist attorney will potentially be able to help you enter such a program, to help you to stop drinking and driving and avoid heavier sentencing.

If you have been charged with a DUI, learn all that you can regarding the law and immediately get a great criminal defense attorney on your side. There are specific laws and fines as well as penalties in each state, and you’ll want to make sure that you’re in compliance with your state’s laws and regulations. You don’t keep track of all those laws, but that is exactly what your criminal defense DUI lawyer will help you with.

Even if you think that pleading guilty is the right decision, you’ll want to speak with your criminal defense attorney and discuss the specifics of what your sentence may entail. There are many ways to plead when you’re charged with a crime. However, you need to get it right the first time, and it’s not always wise to just walk in and say that you’re guilty. It’s much wiser to navigate this with a DUI attorney at your side.

If for any reason you can’t afford an attorney, it is your right as a citizen to request a public defender. A public defender is still required to represent you in a court of law, and they are still required to give your criminal defense DUI case the same attention that they would give to a paying client. A judge can appoint your public defender.

A DUI Charge Can Change Your Life

It’s important to keep in mind that being charged with a criminal offense can change the entire course of your life. For this reason, you have to get it right. You will want to have the very best criminal defense DUI representation possible and restore your good name whenever possible. This isn’t a matter of simply walking into the courtroom and stating you’re guilty, getting a fine and walking out. It may affect your future job potential, rental or buying agreements and more. Don’t let that go to chance. Your decision today can and will affect your future.

Everyone has the right to an attorney, regardless of whether you have money, or not. If you have your own criminal defense DUI qualified attorney to represent you, you’re going to do much better in court than if you go in alone and try to represent yourself.

It is the attorney’s job to help you walk through the entire criminal defense court procedure and get you as light of a sentence as possible. Your side of the story must be given to the attorney and he or she will tell you how much of this they will be using in front of the judge. If you try to do this all on your own, the opposing council might get you to say something that you shouldn’t have without even knowing it.

Your criminal defense attorney is the best person to advise you when you go to court. It takes time to prepare and that is another reason to not hesitate pick up the phone and speak to someone that can help you right away. In most cases, you will find that your attorney will have many options to help you repair the situation and restore your good name. One you understand the role of the criminal defense DUI Attorney, you can begin to get through your court date with confidence.

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